A Global Insurance, Reinsurance and Services Company

MAPFRE ASISTENCIA is a global insurance, reinsurance and services company founded in Madrid (Spain) in 1989. Operating worldwide, it is directly present in 44 countries. With 1,572 corporate partners and 104 million insured all over the world, in 2013 MAPFRE ASISTENCIA covered 7 million assistance operations from a total of 198 million beneficiaries.

MAPFRE ASISTENCIA offers products that increase partners’ profitability and improve people’s quality of life. MAPFRE ASISTENCIA specialises in Assistance Services and providing insurance for Specialty risks :

  • MAPFRE ASISTENCIA’s network helps to take care of people and property all over the world by providing assistance for unforeseeable incidents – outdoors as well as in the homes.
  • Through its range of insurance for Specialty risks, it protects people’s investments in vehicles, by offering warranty and extended warranty programs, credit protection, PPI, GAP and other covers for vehicle specialty risks.
  • Lifestyle products offer peace of mind by protecting daily items such as home appliances, computers, mobile phones or devices, debit cards and credit cards.

MAPFRE ASISTENCIA is the leader in providing solutions for the insurance as well as financial, automotive, travel and tourism sectors. It also designs customised products for companies in other sectors and for large groups.

Awards and Certifications

MAPFRE ASISTENCIA has been rewarded with, among others, the ITIJ 2005 Award for the Best International Assistance Company, and ITIJ 2011 and ITIJ 2013 Awards for Best Travel Insurance Company.

MAPFRE ASISTENCIA has ISO 9001 international quality certification.