Automotive Assistance

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Roadside Assistance

Get associated with the industry leader in Roadside Assistance services in India. Having network presence across the country, including North-East, J&K and Andamans, we are the only company to have mastered Two-Wheeler Roadside Assistance. And we have been continuously setting benchmarks for others to follow!

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Customer Connect Solutions

At INDIA ASSISTANCE our professional customer interface solutions help us to manage Customer Connect activities for clients through the entire product lifecycle.

Extended Warranty

For more than 25 years, MAPFRE ASISTENCIA has been creating and running warranty programs for several Automotive and Insurance companies and helping them boost their turnover and profits. This rich experience in many countries, has built our capabilities to offer competitive warranty covers mirroring OEM warranty.

Used Vehicle Warranty

MAPFRE ASISTENCIA has accumulated vast experience in providing Used (Anytime) Vehicle warranty solutions for automotive OEMs, Dealer Distributor chains and Insurance companies. MAPFRE ASISTENCIA offers comprehensive and flexible covers to suit distinct economic requirements of various customer and vehicle segments.

Guaranteed Asset Protection (GAP)

MAPRE ASISTENCIA, the global leader in GAP, protects your customers against loss on their vehicle in case of declared ‘total loss’ as a result of fire, accident or theft. In such situations GAP offers customer a compensation to cover the shortfall after insurance claim; up to the invoice value or outstding finance amount.

Payment Protection Insurance (PPI)

This MAPRE ASISTENCIA product helps you offer peace of mind to your customers by taking care of their vehicle loan repayments which might have been disrupted due to disability, illness, unemployment or any other reason beyond their control.

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Mediphone 24×7

This is a highly economical service with high perceived value. Customers can get 24×7 medical consultations from our on-board doctors. This service is best suited for conveying to your customers that you care for them beyond just the business transactions.